Food Chemistry Solutions

Protect your brand. Gain a partner with industry-leading testing and analytical services.

Your Needs

Whether you want to highlight nutritional elements on your label for your consumers or want to protect your brand against harmful contaminants, our team of experts at Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation can partner with you to develop the right ongoing testing program. Serving as your partner, we are committed to your success.

The Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation Difference

Benefit from the many advantages of working with our industry-leading chemistry experts. Our clients choose Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation because they can:

  • Access an integrated global laboratory network: We built an integrated global laboratory network which utilizes harmonized methods, operating procedures and quality expectations. As a result, you receive compatible and comparable results – no matter where your sample is tested – leading to deeper regulatory insights and smarter global execution of your brand.
  • Rely on consistency of results: Your outcomes are further assured by a unique program that enables EFII validated scientists to travel between laboratories. This scientific exchange ensures that training and methodology are harmonized, giving you peace of mind – regardless of where your samples are tested.
  • Work with a trusted global company: Regulatory agencies and consumer watchdog groups across the globe trust Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation. It’s no wonder that we were named, in a third-party study, the Most Trusted US-Based Chemistry Laboratory1.

Our Capabilities

When you work with EFII, you gain access to a full toolbox of services:

  • Food Chemistry Analysis
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Food Product Labeling, including FDA Label

At Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation, we help you gain a deeper understanding your target audience, build a higher level of confidence in your data and optimize your opportunities in the marketplace. We go beyond just reporting the data, we analyze your results and help advance your product. Let us help you win. Move your business forward with Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation. Let’s start the conversation.