Finished Foods & Beverages

Trust, talent and teamwork: Why the top global food manufacturers rely on Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation.

Your Needs

As consumers demand more transparency and fewer ingredients in their foods and beverages, reformulation and testing challenges increase. You need a partner who can tailor services to you – your ingredient, your product, your company – at every point in the product life cycle.

The Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation Difference

With over 90 years of experience across a broad spectrum of capabilities, Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation has earned the trust of the industry by serving as true partners to our clients. Our clients love working with us because we offer:

  • Fully-integrated product design capabilities: We help develop products that consumers love with fully-integrated product design capabilities delivered by a team with deep technical and real-world expertise.
  • An extension of your team: Our analysis is performed by an unparalleled group of experts who work as an extension of your team – from setup to results.
  • Confidence in the quality and safety of products: Our processes and people instill a confidence in the quality and safety of products. From food safety system design and implementation to testing of contaminants and pathogens, we help protect brands with expert support.
  • Services tailored to specific needs: Our service teams tailor their delivery to specific needs and offer direct access to expertise every step of the way.

Our Capabilities

Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation offers expert services that can be applied throughout the life cycle of your product, including:

  • Product Design
  • Process Design
  • Consumer Research
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Food Safety Research
  • Food Safety Consulting
  • Contaminant Testing
  • Microbiological Testing

The power of Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation is centered around the strength of our partnerships. Our integrated solutions provide exactly what you need at every stage for your company and every phase of your product life cycle. Let’s start the conversation.